Two Year Warranty

Steamline offers a two year warranty against manufacturing faults. If something breaks in your case due to a manufacturing fault we provide replacement parts and cover the cost of repair, up to a fixed amount.

Contact us at and we will asses the damage and notify you of next steps and the timeframe for replacement parts.

Please note the warranty does not protect you against cosmetic damage or damage originating from misuse. For the warranty to be valid locks must be locked when the case is checked in.

Airline Damage

In the event of airline damage we can provide invoices and repair quotes to aid in your claim against the airline. Please contact and we will do everything we can to help.

Airline damage usually needs to be reported to the airline within a set timeframe so we recommend contacting the airline as soon as possible. While we can provide documentation to support your claim, contacting SteamLine will not function as an airline baggage claim.



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